Magento User Guide at $19.95 Vs. CS-Cart User Manuals and Online Help for Free

Hello There,

Yesterday was the launching day of Magento User Guide ebook, 217 pages at $19.95. Available in PDF format at ($24.95) $19.95 with coupon . The PDF is downloadable immediately upon purchase:


[QUOTE]Master the basics of running your Magento store using hands-on tutorials by Varien, the Magento company[/QUOTE]


You can read too the CS-Cart User Manual ebook, 373 pages for FREE. Available in PDF format for FREE. The PDF is downloadable immediately without purchase:

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation

[QUOTE]Although CS-Cart shopping cart software is designed to be intuitively simple to use, this tutorial enables to make the learning even quicker and easier. The manual will guide you step-by-step through the installation, setup and use of the software.[/QUOTE]


Moreover, you can read too “How to install CS-Cart on a local computer”:

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation

And you can also use an explicit Knowledge Base:

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation


Of course! Always for FREE :wink:

Lee Li Pop

Don’t get it wrong, cs-cart is a commercial software compare with Magento Community Edition.

This is the way to gain money so that Varien can continue developing Magento.

Hello Joe,

[quote name=‘joe’]Don’t get it wrong, cs-cart is a commercial software compare with Magento Community Edition.[/QUOTE]

Magento Community Edition or Magenta Disabled Edition?

How do you want compete with your competitors with a shortened edition?

Who could believe you can win a single NASCAR race on a wheelchair?

Yes, choose Magento Community Edition, it’s like start a NASCAR race on a wheelchair.

Want to fight sit on a wheelchair, while your competitors have NASCAR V8 with hundreds of HPs?
Not me.

To succeed in a competitive environment, you need the most powerful tool.

Magento is a powerful tool. But you need to spend $8.900 year after year for the full power edition.

CS-Cart is as powerful as Magento full edition. And you have this full power for much less.

It lacks two things to Magento Community Edition:

1 - A big engine

2 - A good NOS kit for Nitrous Oxide System

CS-Cart has all on its base. You can use it!

Lee Li Pop

Don’t get me wrong, that sentence means cs-cart’s manual should be included for free. Although Magento charges for user manual is not respectful, it’s still understandable.

Magento might have some financial problems…Recently a lot of ridiculous movements happened…


Everything increases, even misery…

Now, the Magneto average deployment starting at $11,225/annually…


Good news for an “Open Source” trap…

An increase from $8,900 to $11,225 on 3 little months…

What you see is free, but if you want it, you must to pay $11,225/annually!

Misery! Misery! Or how to change “Open Source” into gold :rolleyes:

Lee Li Pop

So what!!!

Nothing changed for me, ı still use the community version and the community is very active.

Now you do have the option in the future, If you make a fortune from the shop per year, you can use upgrade to the Enterprise verson. :smiley: