Made A Test Purchase - But Orders In Admin Say 'not Paid'

hmmm ? ? ? ?

all seamed ok when I used my cc to make purchase in the shopping cart

and order appeared immediate IN the admin/orders/view orders

but after not seeing $$ move FROM my cc or INTO linked account

I revisited the admin and saw that under the right hand column

I saw TOTAL PAID = $0.00

do i need to DO something to make the payments actual process ?


is it because the PayPal account is new ?

Do I need to wait a day or so before I a new test purchase ?


What was the “status” of the order when you looked at it? If paypal has not responded with a payment amount then the status should be “open”. If paypal responded with a payment amount then the status will be “processed”.

still having some issues with new paypal account

even though got an email back from them saying account ready to use and verified

when making test purchase - got a paypal generated warning error saying account not ready

(did not get warning at first - because did not know that making a cc option still had to be linked back to paypal)

will advise future progress


Your PP merchant account may show the transaction as Cleared or Not Cleared with a pending time period. Once the pending time period is over, the transaction will be updated to Cleared and your CS-Cart order will automatically be updated to Processed.

At least, that's what my PP Pro account does for me.