M-Commerce addon with Mobi-cart integration

M-Commerce is currently exploding, and if you run a CS Cart store and want to take advantage of the current consumer interest in e-commerce from a mobile device this may interest you.

We are undertaking development on an integration between CS Cart and MobiCart. The addon will synchronise your CS Cart product catalog and userbase with Mobi-cart (http://www.mobi-cart.com), allowing smart phone and tablet users to access your store from various native apps branded in the style of your existing store on all the major mobile platforms for free (basic account), with an addon license cost of £20/$30.

Anyone with an interest in this please let us know your suggestions or comments in this thread, or email directly (contact@sinclairtechnologysolutions.com).

Isn't this essentially a twigmo replacement?

Twigmo is for Cart admins, Mobi-Cart is a fully featured m-commerce optimized store for consumers. The addon we're writing will make it really simple for existing CS Cart store operators to create and maintain a mobile app of their catalog.

I'd relish any suggestions as to how it could be used, or if anyone has any feature suggestions?

See the following screenshots, and there's more on their flikr as well (Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine | Flickr).

Twigmo has both admin and customer controllers

Really? [url=“Ecommerce Solutions and Software for all types of business - CS-Cart”]Ecommerce Solutions and Software for all types of business - CS-Cart … “Twigmo: Mobile Admin App”.

Do you know of any examples of Twigmo-based store front end native apps? I see they have a beta version of an HTML 5 mobile render of the store front, but this isn't the same as what mobi-cart does.

Like I said, I don' tuse twigmo. But there is a customer controller within the addon that utilizes an API to move data to twigmo.

I'm going to become an observer on this thread since I don't really even care about shopping from a phone. Tablets can become interesting but as long as they behave like a big phone (without calling capability), I don't see much point.

We'd be very interested in an Twigmo alternative.

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately due to other projects, [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]sinclairtechnologysolutions has pulled out from developing a CS Cart / MobiCart integration.[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]If anyone would like to take part and develop one, please feel free to contact me directly on wladimir at mobi-cart.com.[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]We have many developer incentives including revenue share options.[/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]To date, 3 shopping cart integrations are live and another 11 are in development:[/font][/color]


In terms of our platform, both our iPhone and iPad versions are live with support for Android coming in 4 weeks and our HTML5 web app version in 7 weeks.

You can take a look at some screenshots below:


Thanks again,


We tried twigmo and it was ok but not great. Also I didn't like the fact they we had no control of this as it went through their servers first before it went to the mobile user. There is only an IOS app for Admin side and no support for Android to date.


It says free of charge. But that did not last for very long

Now it is free if you have 0-100 products 9.00 a month if you have 101 - 5000 it is 19.00 a month and so on.

I would be more than happy to pay the 30.00 for this addon and be able to control it myself.

Why not just by SEONID Mobile skin, it works excellently?

I checked out SEONID but it seems a bit expensive for what it is. 108.75. Plus with Version 3 around the corner don't know what is really going to offer.

$100 one time cost to get customers to your site is expensive? If mobile is really a viable market for your, that certainly should not be a limiting factor. What is your expected ROI? Maybe a month?

It does not matter that Cs-cart 3.0 is almost here, because we always made updates for each cs-cart version.

We will release an update to make it compatible with cs-cart 3.0 as soon as cs-cart releases at least the beta version.

We will not work it for the actual RC version since it has too many bugs for the moment.

Here is the list of compatible cs-cart versions.

CS-Cart v2.2.4: Yes

CS-Cart v2.2.3: Yes

CS-Cart v2.2.2: Yes

CS-Cart v2.2.1: Yes

CS-Cart v2.1.4: Yes

CS-Cart v2.1.3: Yes

CS-Cart v2.1.2: Yes

CS-Cart v2.1.1: Yes

CS-Cart v2.1.0: Yes

CS-Cart v2.0.15: Yes

CS-Cart v2.0.14: Yes

CS-Cart v2.0.13: Yes

I think you can see the amount of work involved here.

All our customers have a period of free updates period, this is forcing us to make the compatibility for new versions also.

As soon as 3.0 Beta will be released in maximum 48 hours we will release the update also.

It's great to hear Seonid is going to release an update for version 3! A mobile front end is on our list to do this year and I just do not like the way twigmo works nor their pricing schedule.

I also do not feel that the $109 is off base for what Senoid is offering. I would have to agree with tbirnseth here. Even if you used the mod for 1 year it would be much cheaper than the plan from twigmo for $19 a month. Not to mention I do not want something that resides on someone else's server like twigmo does.

Jim, you have to stop agreeing with me… What will people think! :-)

[quote name='clips' timestamp='1331132727' post='132741']

I also do not feel that the $109 is off base for what Senoid is offering. I would have to agree with tbirnseth here. Even if you used the mod for 1 year it would be much cheaper than the plan from twigmo for $19 a month. Not to mention I do not want something that resides on someone else's server like twigmo does.


I paid for the most expensive product on his site, use it frequently for all of my sites. Apart from lack of contact info on the mobile skin, it's excellent for iOS devices.

Hi Guys,

We're excited to announce that a MobiCart / CS-Cart connector is now live:


The module currently supports data import and will soon also support being able to push back orders and stock to CS-Cart.

MobiCart supports native iPhone, iPad and Android apps, as well as HTML5 web apps.

Thanks again,