Low quantity surcharge

Anyone worked out a way to do this…

A widget costs £0.16 for a minimum order of 100 units

For orders less than 100 units, a £3.00 surcharge is payable

Any help gratefully appreciated!

I am looking for something similar, but I need my surcharge to be related to the order total. Orders less than $5 are charged 30 cents.

With carts in the past I was able to do this with shipping, but I run a downloadable store and in CS-Cart the shipping options are turned off. I’m not sure if shipping would work for a quantity based surcharge.

With Cs-Cart I did try doing a surcharge on all orders and then did a site-wide promo for orders over $5 that credited customers for the surcharge. However, I discovered a bug with the promo system that only allowed one promotion to be applied to the order, so doing it this way basically invalidated any other promotions I had given out.

I am trying to figure out any other options so I’ll report back if I find anything that would work for either of us.

I tested this out again and I think the bug I referred to has been fixed, so it’s possible that you could add an order surcharge and then create a promotion to credit the amount of the surcharge if they have 100+ units in their cart.