Lots of Options brings Admin to a crawl

I have over 20,000 options currently in the database and the Store is running fine. But if I try and do anything in the Admin panel related to product options the Admin panel comes to a crawl. It is becomming impossible to maintain my products now using the Admin Panel. Anyone encounter this? Any fixes.

I was using 2.0.4 and thought it might be a Bug so I upgraded to Version 2.0.6 and still the same problem. Is this a Bug?

I redid all my global options to be linked global options and this reduced my option variants to around 9,000. But the Admin area still crawls when I do anything related to Global Options. This happens in all browsers. For example in Chrome, when sitting in the Categories area of the Admin Panel, Chrome is using around 30M of memory. But when I click on Global options Chrome’s memory usage cranks up to 150M. I assume this is the source of the slow down, but what is the cause and how to fix it?

OK, I think this turning out to be a very serious BUG. If I go to the Global Options page (in any browser) and watch the memory usage (in the Windows Task Manager), it keeps counting up. The longer I keep the browser on the global options page the more memory it takes up until the browser finally freezes. I tried this in IE7, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on both my desktop and my laptop.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the Unresponsive Script (jquery.js) problem that I posted earlier? I don’t have options but I have a buttload of Manufacturers in Product features and the same thing occurs but I get the error.

Not sure if it is related, but if you search in Google for jquery memory leak you do get quite a bit of hits.

Hopefully cs-cart staff can get this fixed in 2.07 and release it very, very soon. I am constantly closing and opening my browser to clear the memory it is using. Very annoying.

I am still not sure if this is related to jquery, but I tried using the latest version from jquery.com and still a NOGO. I then tried implementing the fix from [url]PHPcamp.net and still a NOGO.

I posted this in the Bug tracker, and I am disappointied it is taking so long to get a fix for such a serious bug. Viewing a web page should never cause a browser (or even a computer) to crash by eating up all the memory.

any updates triplets on this - i have admin 2.1 very slow as well for products that have lots of options- front end is fine - but admin is crawling.


I have a similar problem when it comes to adding lots of feature variants. I can only add a certain amount and then the script times out and fails. This also makes the admin area sluggish.

Same issue here. Lots of product features and filters and simply trying to edit a feature name can take up to 2 minutes. I don’t have a reason why the problem exists, but I found that using IE or FF in the admin area is very slow. I tried Chrome and while there is still a lag, it’s much, much faster than IE or FF. That same editing of a feature name now takes about 15 seconds which is much more tolerable.

So to me, that points to a Script issue in the Admin area since Chrome interprets JavaScript much faster than IE or FF. Give Chrome a try and see if it’s any better.