Lots of alt tags

Could anyone check out this example link and view source please.

[url=“Hi Vis Yellow Bomber Jacket Next Day Delivery - hivis.co.uk”]http://www.hivis.co.uk/hi-vis-bomber-jacket-class-3.html[/url]

I am starting to optimise parts of the site and did a view source to search the word bomber and it came uo with 66 instances on this page alone. It looks like the images on the mega menu for all categories are taking the alt name from the product image. I have checked a few pages and it seems to be the same.

My questions are, this would be bad for key word spamming, right? and has anyone else who has the mega menu have this problem.



You're right, this is an attempt to manipulate search engines which may or may not have any distinct 'punishments', as I have never seen any exact proof of 'alt' text being punishable. The reason being - the 'alt' text is displayed until the image is displayed or on a permanent basis if the image is not, therefore it is not strictly hidden from the users view, which is what search engines are getting increasingly more strict about.

The 'alt' text is definitely being created by your mega menu - what code are you using for generating the 'alt' text in this mega menu? It obviously needs to be revised to display the 'alt' text for the category image or category name which should be a relatively simple fix to implement.

The problem is very likely from a third-party seo addon(not ours) which is not done properly. This will hurt your site seo badly.

Yes having checked CS cart rocks site theirs is not doing this…anyone else have this problem?

I have disabled/uninstalled all 3rd party addons and still the same. Only when I disable the mega menu does this problem dissappear.


Some third party “addon” will modify the core files so even it is disabled, the problems will still be there. This will add some difficulties to detect the problem. Of course the problem will be gone when the mega menu is disabled, the whole image html code is gone so the “addon” will have no place to add the automatic wrong alt text.

I had a 3rd party seo addon installed a few weeks back…Just waiting for them to get back to me to check.

Had a great and prompt response from CS Cart Rocks even though it doesnt seem to be down to the mega menu.

I have discovered that any category on the mega menu that doesnt have an alt description in the thumbnail image field will take the alt description of the product you are browsing at the time and display it when viewing source, so with 100+ categories, 60 of which didnt have alt names this is what gave the false reading.

Not sure if it was giving a keyword stuffing problem for Goog because I checked a few spamming tools and none identified any of those words at all.

Anyway resolved after I add all category names.

Thanks for the pointers CS Cart Rocks.


Well seems like this is an effort to control Google which may or may not have any unique 'punishments', as i have never seen any actual evidence of 'alt' written text which would be punishable.