Lost Login Box

I’ve lost the login box on my site. The skin I’ve modified is default blue. I’ve moved the “Sign In / Register” link from the right of the site to the top left. Now when I click on the ‘Sign In’ link I get nothing. On the unmodified skin the pop up box appears just to the left of ‘Register’ link. I’ve tried changing the position of the ‘login-popup’ div - position: absolute; Left: 50%; - that sort of thing but it makes no difference.

In line 30 of the top.tpl file there’s this piece of code

If i remove the hidden then the box show all the time. I've actually got the this piece of code in a hooked file.

I'm at a loss - please help.

Website is here


Below is the code from the hooked file for the header area of the website. I compared the code with an unaltered template and couldn't see any difference.

```php {* $Id$ *}

{hook name="index:user_info"}
{assign var="escaped_current_url" value=$config.current_url|escape:url}
{if !$auth.user_id}
{if $user_info.firstname && $user_info.lastname}{$user_info.firstname} {$user_info.lastname}{else}{$user_info.email}{/if}
({include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_role="text" but_href="auth.logout?redirect_url=`$escaped_current_url`" but_text=$lang.sign_out})

{if $settings.General.secure_auth != "Y"}


{include file="views/auth/login_form.tpl" style="popup" form_name="login_popup_form" id="popup"}



{include file="views/checkout/components/cart_status.tpl"}

{include file="top_menu.tpl"}