Lost Block Data

I just lost a bunch of my block data yesterday and can’t seem to get it back.

I contacted my host and they restored all of the cscart_block_XXX tables from a backup, but I’m still missing a bunch of data.

I even tried restoring the tables from last week and from last month, but I’m still missing a bunch of stuff.

Also, the same products that are missing the blocks are also missing the manuals that I had attached to them.

To be honest with you, I’m not even sure how the data was lost. I’m not the only one with access to the site, but the lady I have doing the work for me swears she didn’t delete the blocks.

I know I also didn’t delete the blocks and so I have no clue why they no longer exist.

What I’m wondering is, besides the cscart_blocks_xxx tables, where else are the blocks stored?

Thank you in advance,


Blocks are referenced from the database via the FILE SYSTEM. You will find reference to the respective blocks via their ID.

Ask ServInt for your weekly backup, it will be in there (in fact check via SSH.) via /backup/cpbackup/weekly/


Blocks are located here:


The blocks are no longer listed in that directory in any of my sites that are 2.1.2 and up.

I think they did away with the blocks being in the file structure in version 2.0.x

I think everything is now in the database.

I’ve already had the tables restored from the weekly backup, but some data is missing that is older than a week.

I’m not seeing any rhime or reason why some data is there and some is missing.

The other option is to do a full database restore from the weekly backup, but then I’ll be losing a bunch of data that way. It’s a no win situation unless the data is stored somewhere else I just don’t know about.



Bandon, are you seeing any php errors in your error_log file when tryinng to access the blocks? Are the blocks in your database and just not showing, or is the data just gone?

What is the “filling type” for the blocks that are missing?

It sounds like your product id’s have been reset due to an import, but that’s just a guess.


The blocks are there, but not for all of the products. Some of the product have the right blocks, some don’t have anything.

It’s really weird.

All the blocks were just Unique HTML blocks and were used for specifications and “What’s Included”

I did an import 2 weeks ago, but I know the blocks were there after I did the import.

Also, I went through my logs in my cPanel and didn’t see anything that looks suspicious.

Is there something else I should check?



If they were html blocks then they shouldn’t be affected by an import. I was thinking they might be product blocks…

I have no clue…

raising the dead here, but brandon did you resolve this? My Unique HTML blocks have all just disappeared too, yet in the SQL database I can still 'see' them. When I go to the block manager there is nothing to see… very strange and very upsetting… as the site is due to go live shortly…