Looking for premium skin developers (2.0)

I’m looking for premium skins to sell with a re-branded version of cs-cart 2.0.

I have a few requirements though which ensure maintainability and ease of burden on my customers.

  1. Modify no standard templates, upgrade independent (no local conflicts).
  2. Use the addon methodology for all things as well as supported hooks.
  3. Installation into the skins_repository. Installed via standard method of skin_selection.

    I’m looking for a variety of different template designs to target specific markets. These markets are:

  4. Automobile parts/customization/repairs
  5. Jewelery
  6. Kids stuff (toys, clothes, etc.)
  7. Service oriented sites (sales of services versus merchandise)
  8. Household goods, bedding, furniture, bath, etc.
  9. Construction trades
  10. Digital products (media rich)

    Business model is pretty simple. We agree on a selling price and simply split it when a customer orders a premium template. Preferred pricing is in the $100-$300 range.

    If you’re interested, send me a private message and we’ll swap email addresses. Opportunity also exists for consultation for extending these skins and or customization specific to a customer’s needs. In that case, I’d want 25% of the gross revenue from those services and any future work done for my customers (referral).

    I can offer (in addition to the revenue) advertising in my Graphic Design section for consulting services.