Looking For Feedback On New Store Theme

Hi Everyone. I recently have implemented a new Layout and Theme for one of my stores and I am looking for feedback from others here on the design and first impression. I’m trying to determine if it’s too much, confusing, missing something, etc…

TheftDefender.com | RFID Protection Security Sleeves for Credit Cards and Passports

Any feedback or input, negative or positive is appreciated.

Thanks :)

Hi @carterj,

Is a little mess into the layout:[list]

[]to much focus on the top bar

]all categories from the left are not visible right away, i need to scroll the page

[]the image from slider is blurry

]OR … i cannot find the meaning ( or start shopping? )


Bellow is the structure that i see it, more optimized and have a better focus on elements that meter

I hope that helps,


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