Looking for CS Cart Customization


I'm looking for CS Cart Version 3 Customization.

I'm setting up a store for my wife who is an artist.

the store will sit under a domain and I'm interested in translating it to about 20 languages.

2 of them are RTL.

Everything should sit under sub domains

for example:

www.domain.com - English (LTR)

es.domain.com - Spanish (LTR)

it.domain.com - Italian (LTR)

ar.domain.com - Arabic (RTL)

he.domain.com - Hebrew (RTL)

So, here are the tasks that I'm looking to complete:

  1. Install a Custom Skin - which is currently done by a designer
  2. Make sure the structure i mentioned above is working (Not sure if i need to install 1 cart for that or 3 - 1 for LTR, and 2 for RTL
  3. I need to get to a point that every product that i add has translations to the title and description of it. - not sure how it's possible or if i need to add seperate products and assign them to languages etc.

    Please advice on the above - if i can use your service to accomplish that.

    Thank you.

I'm not sure what version of CS-Cart you are planning on using, but you might reconsider the whole subdomain thing. If you do subdomains for your languages, you'll need a license for each subdomain. At whatever the cost of a license is, that will add up pretty darn quickly.

I don't know much about the languages, but if you need a hand with the skin, let me know.



It's much easier for lots of reasons, and maybe even better for seo reasons, to use subdirectories.