looking for blank/plain/stripped/skeleton skin

I am relatively new to CS Cart. What I’m looking for is a skin that has very little (or no) styling on which I can build custom skins for my clients. Ideally, the skin would have all of the structure in place: header, footer, and content divs, form elements, buttons, etc., but no background images, colors, borders, or other visual styles. The only styles within the css should be for positioning. Also, there should not be excessive classes applied the elements in html.

Does anyone know if such a skin exists? Or can point me in the right direction? I know that there is a plethora of skins “out there”, but I haven’t seen any that are stripped to the bare minimum code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

Most of the classes used in the CS-Cart skins are probably there for a reason. That said, the basic skin is a simple as it gets. If you’re looking to remove all the non-structural CSS from the skin, try removing all the CSS except for display, position, margin, padding, width, height and z-index.

I think that even the basic skin is “bloated” with unnecessary classes, nested divs and nested spans. And many of the classes “go against” the idea of separating content and structure from visual design/layout. For example, there are many, many occurrences of the classes “float-right”, “center”, “valign” and “margin-bottom”. This is not good practice. It makes changing the css files far more difficult. If I were to change the “float-right” class to float:left, I would have to change the css file AND the template files. That goes entirely against the power of css.

I’m looking for a skin that doesn’t contain all of the unnecessarily complex nested code and extraneous classes. Anyone know if such a skin exists? I may have to end up creating it myself by stripping the basic skin down to it’s core.

No skin does.

Use basic and strip it.

Yep, I have been hoping for awhile now that CS-Cart would offer a “Bare Bones Skin” in the package!

[quote name=‘Struck’]Yep, I have been hoping for a while now that CS-Cart would offer a “Bare Bones Skin” in the package![/quote]

If any of you guys find one, strip one or would like to work on a ‘Bare Bones’ skin together then please let me know.

This would be a great help for new sites requiring complete custom skins.