Looking for advise for Meta description

As far as I know, Meta description no longer influences Search engine rankings (at least for google). I also noticed that CS-cart automatically uses the product description as Meta description when left blank. So leaving it blank seems to be fine.

Since it doesnt affect SERP, I plan to just remove it from the Add Product form (reducing unnecessary fields and speed up uploading of products). We’re uploading hundreds of products soon and it would be a delight to reduce number of fields.

Any advise on this?

thank YOu

Unnecessary. It will not help speed up the process. From my experience it takes just as long to import 2 fields as it does 20 fields.

thanks! sorry i forgot to include the version of Cs-cart I’m using.

I’m actually using MVE and this change is targeted for the vendors. They have to manually upload hundreds of products. I know i can just instruct them to leave the Meta fields blank, but I thought it would be nice to just remove them.

I just wanted to know if this would be a good move? (since they don’t affect SERP and CS-CART automatically populates Meta description)

It’s up to whomever is uploading. You can import/export as few or as many fields as you’d like to.