Long Urls To Products Not Resolving

Last fall I changed the urls to be short versions and eliminate the overly long ones that we had that showed all the directories. We also changed the site from “http” to “https”.

CS-Cart (4.2.3) was supposed to create 301 redirects for all the pages and when we did it it seemed to test ok. Shorter categories & sub categories seem to work ok.

But I'm finding that product urls aren't resolving.



results in a 404

it should resolve to:


which is ok

I'm also seeing that the long 2nd page urls, and other multiple pages of categories, aren't resolving.



which is 404

should resolve to:domes/page-2/

which is ok

Is there an easy way to fix this with .htaccess or some other method in cs cart?

Could really use some help here…