Logo In Gift Certificate

When I use the print function to print a gift certificate, there's not our logo on the page.

There's a logo in the theme editor/logos/gift certificate but nothing on gift certificate display.

I tried with cs-cart demo store and it seems it's the same ?

Is it a bug or is there no way to display logo on gift certificate ?

Moreover, why isn't it displayed the "from" and "to" fields on the certificate ?



Are you referring to the "preview" of the GC?

It shows here on my site. Are you sure you have a Gift Certificate logo defined in the Logos area of the theme editor?

Logo is used by default with old template editor. If you use new one, please go to Design -> Documents -> Gift certificates: default page and add logo to the required place


Yes it's correct eCom. As i'm using new template, i was not doing mods in the right place.

Thanks for help.

PS: tbirnseth you're right. When i used old templates, the logo was displaying.

Thank you for keeping us updated

Thank you for keeping us updated

I am having a similar issue to this, but it is in a multi store installation, When I am using the new document editor it is not possible to go to design/documents/gift certificates and add the logo as the changes effect all storefronts.

There is no way to save individual changes to each storefront.

I am unable to find a variable which pulls the store logos into the gift certificates.


I can only suggest you to add condition by company_id

{% if runtime.company_id = 123 %}
... logo for company with ID = 123....
{% else %} 
... logo for other store-fronts....
{% endif %}