Logo And Product Thumbnails Missing On Emails

Since I upgraded my store (upgrade to 4.11 failed so reverted back to 4.10sp2), my invoices and order status notifications are missing the store logo image and the small product images on the emails. When I look at them in the preview they show up. I moved my store to a new VPS so I'm wondering if there's a pathing issue.

UPDATE: the .pdf docs that attach DO show the images in the .pdf. it's just the emails that have a "?" where the image should be.

Thanks for your assistance and time,

Matt Caswell


UPDATE: So I use a CDN and it seems that when I moved my store from Shared hosting to a VPS, something didn't update on the CDN. I disabled CDN on my store and now the images are appearing again on my emails.

I'm not sure why.. but I'm posting this here in case anyone else comes across this issue.

appreciate it

Dear i just activated Cloudfront CDN through Cs Cart
and on email notification thumbnails of Logo and Product is missing so when i disable cdn they show up properly, any idea how to make this works through cdn enabled ?