Login With Mobile Phone Number

I know that for international trading email is important.

But for local busines that now even my "grandmother" have a smartphone and she want to order, it is very difficult to place order due to .... email...

She dont know what it is and she dont care... but she has money to buy what she see online :)

So i think, a great feature that should exist in Cs cart is to disable email as main way to create account and give people the way to log in using their mobile.

The advantages... they always remember it, they all have at least one

+ Fast login:

(mobile phone number + password) and then just a Name and Address is enough for the order to be completed

that's for now

If you do not find a solution, our team will be happy to create this feature for you. Just contact us

To my opinion, this feature is not in demand in many countries. That is why CS-Cart hasn't added it yet.

It is very easy to buy a new number in some countries. So people often buy it, use it for a short time and then forget about the SIM card or change it with another number. Also, some part of people worries that their private telephone numbers will be used for promotional purposes and they will get calls and SMS with unnecessary offers. In addition, telephone numbers can be related to customers' credit cards. A request to share telephone numbers can frighten away customers. But it is only my opinion.

Of course, if you want this feature for your store on CS-Cart, our developers are at your service and they will do their best to help your business. Contact us at manager@alt-team.com

Best regards,


Alt-team's manager.

How do you send them invoices or shipping notification without email?

How do you send them invoices or shipping notification without email?

I think, grandma will not track orders :)

I think, grandma will not track orders :)

Unitil her HGH doesn't show up or Grandpa's Viagra is confiscated at the border.

I don't know in other countries, but in Greece and China that i sell mostly, 60%-70% of sales are maybe by phone that they find in my website (even if the advertisement is at adwords or facebook). 70% track their order from the live chat or by phone.... 20% dont even track (just 1 day to deliver) and maybe a 10% will login to account.

I get daily messages mail-daemon... mail not found this account... no user... I think most just add email for.. fun

If you have heard about taobao (similar to ebay but for China, many billions sales per year...), they just need mobile phone number for register. The confirmation is made through message with the classic 4digit-send-to-mobile code.