LOgin with email instaed oif user name

Hi ,

Is there any way I can change the login to use email address instesd of user name?


checkbox, “allow user to use email as log in”.

Make sure your admin email is correct so you can log in after you make the switch.


I can not see this option in 4.3.

I would like to use usernames/passwords but I can not find it.

we don't have this switch on new versions?

Please check this thread:


Usernames are not supported anymore but this may help


Thanks guys.

Just wondering what's the reason behind to get rid the usernames..

I would like to use the usernames by default and bring back the option.

I'd guess it's because most people can remember their email address, but some don't know what username they used.

This feature is not modern anymore 8)

Be able to login in with username / email is the perfect option imo :-)

For the upgraded stores please use the following post: