Login Problems, products not adding to cart and slow loads


I have a couple of problems.

  1. For some reason the login details I set are not working. The only way I can access the admin panel is to reset my password. If I reset my password, I am emailled a link to the back end/ my profile where I can change my password and remain logged into the admin panel. When i log out and try to log back in with the new login detail I can’t get logged in without resetting the password again.

  2. I have a another problem where products will not add to the cart.

  3. [color=#555555]I’m also experiencing very slow loads speeds on the admin panel and the front end of the site.[/color]


Do you have secure connection enabled in your CS-Cart? Try disabling the HTTPS server settings in the admin panel and check if the logging in works properly.

Hello, Allureoutlet!

  1. To disable HTTPS server settings please go to Settings → General. Also please check up the “Access restrictions” settings (Administration → Add-ons → Access restrictions).

  2. Clear your cache and cookies

  3. It may be your server problem/ slow Internet connection speed

    Best regards, Alt-team

Solved thankyou

Clear cart cache. www.your-domain.com/admin.php?cc Replace admin with whatever you changed yours to if you have.