Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction error

I always get timeouts when using admin panel especially on dispatch=products.manage.
The logs indicate the following error:
Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction (1205)

I believe I need to change the max wait timeout but I’m not sure which setting in the DB?
I use AWS RDS mySQL 8.0.33


What database engine type is used for the cscart_products table and how many rows does it have?

cscart_products uses InnoDB and has 29,296 rows. Most of my tables use MYISAM, should I instead be using InnoDB?

All tables, with the exception of cscart_lock_keys, should be MyISAM. You may have 3rd party addons that use InnoDB though.

Starting from version 4.16.1, support for InnoDB was greatly improved, so this type of engine can be used freely for most of the tables.

This is strange behaviour for a table with such a small number of rows. What are the hardware specifications of the server where your database is hosted?

I am using AWS RDS T3.small (2 CPU 2GB RAM)

Could you please tell me what the clock speed of the CPU is?

2.5 GHz image hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

Thanks for the reply!

2.5GHz may not be enough to support an ever-growing database. In this case, you could try renting the AWS RDS service and migrating your database there. As far as I know, its performance is good and it is ready to scale.