Localized customer Title in Mails


I looked for few hours but could not figure out how to realize this modification. I’m looking for a way to display customer title into the order notification mail.

I know which file to modify (order_notification.tpl) but my problem is that if I add something like {$order_info.title}, the tittle is in english format (i.e. Mr), when my customer are German. The title are actually translated for the interface but as the information stored into the DB is the english format is there a way to get the translation (in this example: Herr) ?

Thanks in advance for any hint.


SOLUTION: for those interested, I spent a little bit more time and found a semi automated solution. Not entirelly satisfying, but working in the case you use only one foreign (#eng) language:

In the “order_notification.tpl” (and any other file where it’s necessary, you can replace:

{$lang.dear} {$order_info.lastname},


{if $order_info.title == ‘mr’}

{$lang.dear} Herr {$order_info.lastname},


{$lang.dear} Frau {$order_info.lastname},


Here it’s for the German language.

I hope it will help someone, and if you have any idea how to improve it, then do not hesitate to let me know.

If this is the case (which I haven’t confirmed), why wouldn’t you create new language variables for ‘mr’, ‘miss’, ‘ms’, ‘mrs’ and use the matching value {$lang.$order_info.title}