Localizations on the front end

Hi Guys, i'm having problems because i need to give users the ability to choose their localization on the front end of the site.

I seem to remember this being possible on the older versions of the framework but i can't seem to create a block for this is V3

any help is much appreciated


just a quick update,

I have found Localizations.tpl in the blocks directory, however i still can't seem to find the correct block type in the admin area…


Hello Marticus,

Thank you for your request.

You can copy this file to the skins/basic/customer/blocks/static_templates directory of your CS-Cart installation. After this you should select the Template content type in the Create New Block tab when creating a block. In the opened window, you will have the ability to select Localizations from the Template drop-down list. Please check it.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team


Pavel Zyukin

thanks for this post

help to me and my problem is solve with that.


farhad shahmohammadi

Hello Farhad,

You are welcome. I am glad to help you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Hi dear

how to add localization in ver 4?

i make copy of "Localizations.tpl " to : /design/themes/basic/templates/blocks/static_templates

after appear that in add block / template i select that but not showing this block in site front end.

maybe this issue about " [color=#404040]User-defined CSS-class " text in block setting[/color]