Localhost, Virtualhost And Wamp


I have installed cs-cart trial professional on my localhost (dev server). I use WAMP.

I have managed to configure mail function etc… Everything is working ok (url rewrite / login / register / email notifications ), in order to test his functions/features/products …

When I configured a virtual host for it (cscart.demo.local) for example, some things stopped working, like:

  • the registration form; nothing happens when i click on register / no email / no status message
  • the login in Admin panel is not working; the credentials are ok, but it wont login

    Does anyone have a clue about those errors? It is something related to license domain?

    My point is to setup a dev zone at my office (intranet), in order to be seen by manager and other collegues involved in development; setting up a virtual host it will be easier for them to access, than the entire path IP/directory/subdir.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,