Localhost Installation Issues

I am having the problems with installing the latest version of CS-Cart on my computer (localhost with MAMP).

The installation goes smoothly, but as soon as it's finished, I get re-directed to an error page.

I have noticed straight away that the URL is not correct.

My URL should be - “localhost:8888/shop/” but instead I get “localhost/shop” being tried to access the CS-Cart new installation.

I have opened and modified “config.local.php” file by adding “8888” in front of localhost on every line, and I can access the admin area after that. However, I can only see “store unavalible” message at the front.

After trying to edit the store in Admin (changing the URL to “localhost:8888” - doesn't work, as soon as I click “save” it reverts back to the old URL.

What can I do? I can't see the store front. Please help!

[font=Arial, sans-serif]this problem is[/font][font=Arial, sans-serif] [/font][font=Arial, sans-serif]relevant now…

need help[/font]

[font=Arial, sans-serif]MAMP 3 & CS Cart 4.2.2[/font]

I don't think the cart will honor a specific port. It will use 80 for http and 443 for https. Suggest you setup your localhost to support standard ports.