I have not had any orders on my site for the past 2 days, which I thought was strange, so I have just tried to place a test order and all it says is Loading…

Does anyone know what could have gone wrong?

I have tried clearing the Cache but made no difference.

Running v3.0.6

Thanks in advance.


Can anyone help with this please???



What happens if you try another payment method?

nothing it still freezes, it will not allow me to submit payment,

I have options for credit card payment, paypal & telephone payment. but none of these will allow me to process the order??


I think this problem requires some examination. I'd recommend you to submit a ticket to the technical support team.

I have submitted a ticket but as always the response times are very slow… That is why I'm asking on here.



What's the URL? My bet is that you are getting a PHP notice in your AJAX response which it's not handling.

Also check php error logs