Loading My Cs-Cart Into Dreamweaver Cs6 An Xampp

Hi guys

I'm really struggling here.

Downloaded my entire public_html directory

In my XAMPP directory, in the htdocs folder I've created a folder called DigitalSave and placed it in there.

Now in Dreamwever I've gone Site > New Site.

Site Name: Digital Save

Local Site Folder: C:\xampp\htdocs\Digital Save\public_html

Under servers (with XAMPP running);

Server Name: Digital Save Test Server

Connect Using: Local/Network

Server Folder: C:\xampp\htdocs\Digital Save\public_html

Web URL: http:\localhost\Digital Save\public_html

Advanced > Testing Server > Server Model PHP MySQL~

Unticked Remote and ticked Testing

Click ok and website loads into Dreamweaver and updates the site cache.

But when I try to open index.php etc I get this error message

“This page may have dynamically-related files that can only be discovered by the server.”

And this is where I'm upto. I can't fix this. I do however, want to shoot myself, so please help. There is a gun shop just across the road…

CS-Cart require sql database along with many “behind the scenes” files which are not part of the “public” html files a software would be able to download.

From my experience, when you go to a website and download the public files, it only downloads the things the public can see…and not the “engine” of the website.

Have you tried making sure your computer is setup to run a localhost website and then actually installing it locally? Instead of downloading it from your site?