Loading message at top of screen

When a product is selected and it page is opened, a small little box opens at te top center of the screen for a second or two that says loading. What is happening? the page looks like everthing is all ready showing.




as far as I know this is when the page has still a few elements to fetch from the database.

I think it has to do with the DB server speed, correct me if I am wrong cs-cart Gurus!


Yep and the worst thing about it is that it is the very first thing that bots see which has absolutely nothing to do with your content.

It means there is an ajax request in process. Unfortunately, cs-cart uses ajax inappropriately. AJAX should be used from a client request, but they use it for background processing to try and get the page load speed faster. But it just doubles, triples and quadruples the load on the underlying server which makes other pages load slower…

The joys of testing performance in a single-user environment.