Load Times/blank Page

Ok day 2 of playing with the trial.

I just ran Install again but I still have these issues.

It takes up to 3 minutes for my site to load for me. I got on the phone and verified this behavior at a second location. But at a 3rd location it loaded fine. What could cause susch a drastic load issue here?

once its in Cache its fine, but if I clear cache it takes 3 minute to load again. It does seem to help if I hit cancel then refresh…

Also… Trying to set up second store, the setup is familiar to me so Im pretty sure I got it right

subdomain/maindomain.com points to the cart directory

and subdomain.maindomain.com is entered under storefront url

this is just coming up a blank white page?

Thanks for any tips…

Ok, So hopefully this helps someone from wasting a few days on nothing like I did.

You can NOT demo the multi store function. Sure you can set it up in the admin. But there is no way to view the store front.

And on the next issue, I really need some help on this :mrgreen: After 2 weeks of running in circles with this package I have come to the

conclusion that it is not playing well with TREND MICO Internet Security. The site will not load properly with this running.

I am not to versed in this stuff but I am sure its a setting I am missing. Maybe htaccess ??

Any help would be appreciated.