Litespeed addon

I am very new to litespeed. I have installed the addon in cs-cart platform, following the instructions here:

After installing and activating the addon, which does not have any configs, I saw some esi:remove tags in the frontend of my eshop. I have already append (at the end) of my htaccess file the recommended code below:

    # Full-page cache add-on
    <IfModule LiteSpeed>
    	RewriteEngine on
    	CacheLookup on
    	RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}   !(esi\.php|api\.php|admin\.php|cart/|checkout/|checkout\-customer\-info/|checkout\-summary/|orders/|compare/|wishlist/)
    	RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING}  !dispatch=(checkout\..+|orders\..+|wishlist\..+|product_features\.add_product|product_features\.clear_list|product_features\.delete_product|product_features\.delete_feature|product_features\.compare)
    	RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE}   !disable_cache=Y
    	RewriteRule .* - [E=cache-control:max-age=900,E=esi_on:1]
    	RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}   !esi\.php
    	RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE}   sid_customer_
    	RewriteRule .* - [E=HTTP_X_HAS_SESSION:true,E=cache-control:vary=hassession,E=esi_on:1]

I noticed that the esi:remove tag is appearing wherever there is an input type hidden field, but tag is broken…

I have attached two image here to understand better:

Should I make configurations on my server? Should I restart any services, or do something else?
Anyone could help, I would be appreciated

Server info:
Plesk Obsidian v18.0.59_build1800240229.10 os_Debian 10.0

Debian 10.13

PHP version: 7.4

Manage LiteSpeed Web Server:

Current version 6.2.1 (build 1) - Latest Build: 2 – I guess there is an update…here that could help;…


I don’t know anything about this add-on, however its description at GitHub, there is clearly stated that:

This addon requires the use of ESI. OpenLiteSpeed does not support ESI at this time.

Hello there and thank you for your answer… I read the important notes again and again… but I really don’t understand. This addon requires the use of ESI, but OpenLiteSpeed doe not support… Thus, the addon is not working? what is the point, I could you it I guess…but is it something I could do via server configs or…?
Sorry for lots of questions, please explain a bit more if you could!

thanks again for your time, anyway!


As I understand ESI, it is used to cache separate blocks, depending on specific conditions, separate from the full content of the page. So I can assume that in the current state of this solution, it does not work with separate block caching, and only caches full pages.