Listmania - Object = Page and List Object = Pages

Go on I give up - maybe I have a blind spot.

I am new to this and think I have got my head around listmania but I do not understand what a “page” object is or what a list object is when set to “pages”

What is the question exactly?

Listmania creates lists dynamically (listed objects chosen for you) or statically (you manually set listed objects) for you.

If you set object to “Page” and list object to “Pages”, you have a list of all the pages in each “Page” you create based on chosen type (“Manually Set”, “Newest”, or “Rating”). You create thes pages in the “Manage Pages” section under CMS.

If you choose “Manually Set” for type, then when you go to edit a page in “Manage Pages” you’ll see a Listmania tab. This tab will have your new listmania under it.

In each page you wish to include a list of page links, simply click Search and choose the page links you wish to include on that page by checking the checkbox.

After you have chosen, click “Add pages”.

Finally, check the checkbox that says “Enable for this page”