list-style-type none Not Working within basic template skin

I am completely at a loss. Take a look at I have several css ul / li menus on this template.

The file top.tpl contains the code for the top right gray menu and the blue/green menu below the phone number. Those display just fine. However the gray menu beginning with Shop By: you will see has discs in front of each menu item.

I cannot figure out why they insist on showing up on this and only this menu even though the list-style-type:none; is set in the CSS file. I have gone through every CSS file within this theme and cannot figure out where this is coming from. I have ul { list-style-type:none; } specified within bnb-styles.css and its also set within styles.base.css as well.

I see no reason why this should be showing like this at all.

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

It's using:

#shop-by-nav li {

float: left;

background: url(images/shop-by-nav-bg.png) repeat-x;


You can add list-style:none; to that.

Its inheriting the styling from here (it's not part of the header)

.wysiwyg-content ul li {

background-image: none;

list-style-type: disc;

padding: 0;


You can fix it by applying what interfaceFactory mentioned.