List of changed tpls

As per my thread [url][/url]

Could you include a list of the changed .tpl files and the changes made to each.

I have suddenly figured out that I’m going to have a lot of work to do when the new release comes out if I don’t have a list of changes!


Thanks for looking anyway!


Hi Recedo, we keep a list of modified tpl’s and when a new list comes out we just manually apply the mods. Alot of changes are made to tpl’s so it’s best practice to do this, I know it’s alot of work, yikes !!!

Wow, that is a lot of work! I’ll be waiting until the next version comes out before skinning my site properly and perhaps I’ll try to make a list.

Its going to be a real pain in the a though as I’d have to make a note of every tiny little change…

There must be an easier way, I know the upgrade center was added to make upgrading the software easier, perhaps a similar method could be used for the templates?

In the last cart I used only very few changes were made to the templates and were well documneted. But then again their template system was no way as powerful as the smarty engine.