List and product page format

Can someone tell me how to add and remove feilds from the listing and product page ?

For example I have added a tab (html) to the product page. This simple tells the customer the quality of products we sell. But the text on this tab is also being shown in the listing page.

I thought the might be a selection list in the admin but can’t find anywhere where you can format the display of product information.

I don’t know what you are referring to by “product page”. Do you mean the product detail page in the Admin Panel? Also don’t know what you mean by a listing page.

There are many pages that list products and there are many different list types. So I think you’re going to have to clarify (maybe include a screen shot) in more detail.

I think what I’m talking about is the “Products list layouts settings”

In the admin for this section the are


Products grid




List without options

Compact list

None of these suit my full needs so is it possible to edit any of them or add more option to that list? I could then set that one to my default

Sure, modify what’s there or copy and create new ones. Just note that the name will be in an HTML comment near the top (kludge, but it works).