Links not working?

As part of cs-cart support service the CS Cart helpdesk has checked the functionality of my website has advised that links under my accounts menu are not working.

My website is hosted in Australia and people who arw also in Australia have advised the links work for them.

The CS cart helpdesk have advisex that as it works with respinsive scheme (but not with the alexbranding uni-theme they sold me) it is out of scope for their support service.

I am unable to independently confirm there is an issue, and am not keen to puchase support from AB for an unconfirmed issue.

I would appreciate if anyone could confirm they also unable to activate the links (and if so you location) and suggestions as to cause.

I have US, Australia and Canada configured as rate areas. I have no IPs blocked.

My site is and the sudpect links are under thevaccount menue (designated by the buton with the persons head and shoulders on it … see attached image).

Thankyou for your time and consideration:)

It does not work for me either.

.ty-dropdown-box__content {
    z-index: 9999 !important;

Just add the following code to the CSS section in the theme editor. It should fix the issue


Thankyou so much Ecom that worked!

Not sure if you are able to assist with that when the helpdesk changed to the responsive theme and back again it messed up some some of the button & menu graphics (they look correct on the mobile per the above screenprint but not on PC they are non-sensisical and I am not sure how to change them manually?

I have checked that the right theme is selected.

I have noticed that you often help out, do you offer ongoing paid helpdesk support for a unitheme2 based site? If so could you please direct me to your pricing (I am yet to sign-up a vendor or make a sale through the site so I am looking for a budget support option).

Please drop a request here

We will try top help you.