Links and Images Alt Text

I have noticed that when I mouse over a image on my site, no alt text appears although I enter it on every image I have added. Is this a bug or the way the software works?

Also all the links that are created from pages, etc. such as quick links, also not showing alt text when hovering. Interesting that it does show alt text when mousing over product name links only.

Does anyone else have this occuring? I am just trying to isolate if it’s my site alone or if this is the behavior of the software. It’s not very good for usability which is also a part of SEO per Google.

Thanks for your help.

Stupid question I guess, but did you fill in the alt box below the images when you added them?

When I mouse over the images the alt text doesn’t show up, but if you look at the properties it is there.

Don’t know if this helps,



As I stated above I have added alt text for every image on my site, even banners, etc. yet none are visible on a mouse over.

I have never seen anything like this, thought it was odd but wanted to verify before I submit a bug report. Oh, and it does not work in any browser, and I have several installed for testing purposes.

Thanks for responding.

One thing though. I think the alt text only shows up if there is no image and the title text is what is supposed to show up with a mouse over. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

By the way, I installed the lightbox addon from WebGraphic and it has both the alt text and the title text so it works with the mouse over.


Ok, I have a fix for you I think.

In skins/your-skin/customer/common_templates/image.tpl


{if !($object_type == "category" && !$icon_image_path)}


{if !($object_type == "category" && !$icon_image_path)}

All I did was add:


Now you should have text when you run your mouse over the image.

Be sure to clear your cache or you won’t see any changes.

I hope this helps,


Hi Brandon,

I really appreciate this, thank you. I have not tried it yet, just coming in the forum but I will shortly and post you a note.

This is just super !

Hi Brandon,

It worked. Thanks again.

This worked fine in previous versions, and by not working is detrimental to SEO. Will add your fix Brandon, thanks again for your hard work.

Has anyone else seeing this, it may need reporting as a bug.

Well spotted Ywalker.

Yes! That is why my SEO has not been that strong. some search engines still use the ALT text stuff, especially if you have huge images and it can’t cache them or whatever.

I’ve been getting errors on my SEO reports mainly saying that I didn’t have any ALT txt’s in place, but I did and now I know why.



how can get the alt text in the logo?