Link To Css

So we have been made a couple of landing pages with custom css in it. Its clean html + css. When I put the code both html and css into a cscart's page editor the css part is being stripped right away.

Also, when I try to make to an external css file after the built-in editor switches to WYSIWYG view that code is also being stripped away.

So, if I have a css that will only apply to one or maybe a few pages, what do I do to make it work on them?


You can set the wysiwyg editor under Settings: Appearance : Default wysiwyg editor to Do no use. Then you can insert the link. Just don't save it later when you enable the editor or the link will be gone.

Thanks Louis, but this is more like a bypass, Im sure there is a more obvious, simpler way of implementing your css to apply for certain pages? Adding the pages' css into cscart css doesnt work for some reason.

After disabling the TinyMCE editor and putting the css in the code, the page still doesnt look like it has any css that describes it :(