Link To Brandpage From Product

On the product details page, there is a small brand logo. We would like to:

1. Link to the product brand page when you click on the logo

2. Display the logo bigger and in better resolution.

Any ideas?

Here is a screenshot


1. Please take a look

2. Please take a look

In the same file change try to replace

{assign var="image_size" value=$image_size|default:80}


{assign var="image_size" value=$image_size|default:160}

Then clear cache

I tried the code as mention i the link above. It seems to work when the brand is displayed as "text", but when there is a logo it does not contain a link. I have also tried to update the image, but it seems to be very small still.

{assign var="image_size" value=$image_size|default:160}
{function name="feature_value"}
        {if $feature.feature_type == "ProductFeatures::EXTENDED"|enum}
        {if $feature.prefix}{$feature.prefix}{/if}
        {if $feature.feature_type == "ProductFeatures::DATE"|enum}
        {elseif $feature.feature_type == "ProductFeatures::MULTIPLE_CHECKBOX"|enum}
{foreach from=$feature.variants item="fvariant" name="ffev"} {if $smarty.foreach.ffev.first}{$feature.description nofilter}:{/if}{$fvariant.variant|default:$fvariant.value}{if !$smarty.foreach.ffev.last}, {/if} {/foreach}
{elseif $feature.feature_type == "ProductFeatures::TEXT_SELECTBOX"|enum || $feature.feature_type == "ProductFeatures::NUMBER_SELECTBOX"|enum || $feature.feature_type == "ProductFeatures::EXTENDED"|enum}
{$feature.description nofilter}:{$feature.variant|default:$feature.value}
{elseif $feature.feature_type == "ProductFeatures::SINGLE_CHECKBOX"|enum}
{elseif $feature.feature_type == "ProductFeatures::NUMBER_FIELD"|enum} {$feature.value_int|floatval} {else}
{/if} {if $feature.suffix}{$feature.suffix}{/if} {if $feature.feature_type == "ProductFeatures::EXTENDED"|enum}
{/if} {/strip} {/function}

{if $features}
{if !$no_container}

{foreach from=$features name=features_list item=feature}
{if $feature_image && $feature.variants[$feature.variant_id].image_pairs}
{assign var=“obj_id” value=$feature.variant_id}
{include file=“common/image.tpl” image_width=$image_size images=$feature.variants[$feature.variant_id].image_pairs no_ids=true}
{feature_value feature=$feature}{if !$smarty.foreach.features_list.last}{/if}
{if !$no_container}

Please share or PM URL of such page. As far as I can see, image width is used for the image displaying