Link To Add Item To Cart And Then Go To The Cart

I have a link that I am using to add a specific item to the cart. I am trying to accomplish the following:

1) Add the item to the cart

2) Don't show the popup about going to the cart or checkout

3) Take the user to the cart page

Here is my HTML. The item gets added to the cart, the cart summary gets updated to reflect the added item but I cannot seem to figure out how to bypass the popup and most importantly, get the user cart page automatically.


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

You can use a free script we've offered for years to do exactly this. The comments should telly you what you need to do.

Essentially you'd setup your href to be href="{"checkout.remote_add.[product_code].[optional quantity]"|fn_url}"

If you use the mode of 'remote_add' it should add to the cart and take them to the cart. If you use 'remote_checkout' it will add to the cart and take them to checkout. It was built to add products from remote sites. But it works well for internal too.


I will leave the link to our Buy Product Link add-on here if someone does not want to make it by themselves. The add-on creates a link that automatically adds product to cart and redirects customer to cart or checkout page (specified in the add-on settings). It is possible to specify SEO parameter for the link so that it looks better.