Link a page to a category

Hi all, im developing a Cs Cart 3 shop for a friend, and she want the link to the Gift Certificates to be in the main menu toward the top of the page, along with the other categories.

The problem i have, is if you simply create a category, it expects to have products. Is there a way to create a category and link it directly to a content page?

My only other option i can see is to hack the .tpl file building the menu, and add in my Gift Cert link as another

  • tag.



  • What I did was make a html block and then just styled it to match the menu. Sure, I can only have the Gift Certificates link above or below my menu, but it works really good this way and matches everything perfectly.

    PM me for a link to what I did and if it is what you are looking for, I'll send you some screenshots of what I did.



    Unless I'm getting this wrong, you want your main menu to be like this:

    Home | Category A | Category B | Category C | Gift Certificates

    If so, create a menu and assign it to the menu block: create a menu block

    Add categories. Add pages. Add whatever you like, including a menu link type Custom with dispatch gift_certificates.add for the gift certificates.

    That's brilliant, thanks guys.