Lingerie Template.... Bug?

Hi Lads…

I just wondering to know if have you tried “Lingerie” template.

Firstly I thought it was because I was modding it and something I did wrong, but, I tried a fresh installation and different explorers but I had the same bug.

The bug is when the site starts loading, the first thing that loads is the header (top.tpl, etc…) and it moves a little to the right (the whole header). Then when it is finishing loading it moves to the left.

Did someone check that bug?

Thanks in advance

I don’t have this problem on my testserver with a clean install

There might be something going on there, but I don’t know. My site is a HEAVILY modded lingerie. If you load it, the right side is blank and loads last… Always bothered me. No idea what causes it.

Hi Telemaco, Very interesting subject.

I noticed also in the cs-cart website demo the same shift on the header.

I cleaned my browser cache, and then went to the cs-cart demo. After the lingerine demo is loaded I hit the checkout bottom in the cart bar, and in the next page the shift appears.

I don’t know if this will fix the way the page is parse, so do this as test.

Try forcing the browser to recognize a header and content width. Add this to your style sheet:

#header {width: 968px;}
#Content {width: 968px;}

The width should be the same as the one declared in #container tag. Try first with the #header alone.

Also it could be declared a min-height to the .central content, but this has some issues with ie6,7. The one that works for me is

.central-content {
min-height: 400px;
height: auto !important;
height: 400px;

Hi Lads

thanks for your answer

Flow, it´s very strange you dont have that issue,maybe you are ussing one color background and you didnt notice it. But the problem will come when you customize your background.

moka, Deadly!!! your site works perfect, tomorrow I will check your css out and try to check how did you do it. Thanks

colortone, Thanks for your code, tomorrow I will try it, It has sense, so tomorrow I will combine with the moka´s code… Thanks

If I get success I will post it right here.

Thanks :wink:

Definetly not working…

Still moving to the right for a few seconds… I suppose the “guilty” of this is the header (top´s tpl) because is the first thing that loads and make the movement.

Any idea?


  1. Comparing Basic skin with Lingerie, I noticed basic have min-width: 990px , and Lingerie 970px , when both have 968px declared in the container tag with 11px left/right padding.

    Try with

body {
min-width: 990px;}

2. This is a good info, but I don’t know if could solve the problem. I work with the CE edition.

fixing the page-shift-problem