Limiting The Number Of Vendors Per Vendor Manager


In our store we have managers to manage a certain number of vendors, lets say 50 vendors per manager. We would like to give restricted access to each number of vendors' manager that will only show them the concerned vendors not all vendors to manage. I hope this feature becomes available soon.

This is really needed when you have more vendors and workers to manage and support your vendors.

for example has such features that workers and vendor supporters have their own access schema. indeed, if all workers have access to all vendors, it will slowdown system, makes a problems on responsibilities and all messy.

also, alibaba or other ecommerce webs has another one thing; by vendor plan, vendor admins can assign their own employee to work. for example vadmin can assign up to 5 people to work, 3 for product entries, 2 for accountant and orders. by that way, vadmin knows who working, how they working, and more.

of course, these are for those bigger businesses. for a new startups might not necessary immediately, but it's really good to have. for example many people asking here various functionalities or addons on this forums, all they want better success on their business. I remember I read someone asked shopify to cs-cart integration. indeed, if cs-cart have those functionality, marketplace owners can attract more vendors to their own marketplace. because if you offer to those shopify sellers come to your own cs-cart marketplace, they also will find it's a lot's of extra work for them. they counts time and work, then they maybe give up if it's not worthy. but if you already have integration, for sure they will be interested to try.