Limit to import products and category?

what is the maximum limit of a file to import?

I have a 35MB file with 54,000 lines of categories and products but do not want to import the cs-cart

I have read about people splitting imports into more than one file. It may be best to try it that way. You could always try the large file and if it doesn’t work, you can try again with a smaller file and select the option to delete what is already in the product catalog.

I only had just over 1000 products and found that some products do not import. After the import completes watch for a pop up message in the upper right corner and get ready to copy and paste the list of rows it wasn’t able to import so you can investigate. I mention this because the list will disappear after a few seconds, and I’m not sure how to pull it up again!

Also, if you list a category in the product import and that category doesn’t already exist, it will automatically create that category.

The best way to import your list is one category at a time. This reduces the size of your import and lets you check each category after you have imported to make sure everything has come through OK.