Limit shipping by item?

I have some items that I want to show local customers that I sell, but they are of a size that I don’t want to have to box and ship them. Currently I only mention “No shipping” in large bold type in the description, but a buyer can still ignore that, buy it and choose a shipping method. I want to have Pickup In-Store as the only available shipping method if a certain item is in the cart.

Am I missing something that will allow this? Or is there an available add-on?


I am afraid, there is no ability to configure local items in such a way.

I think you could use the “Warehouses” functionality from CS-Cart Store Builder Ultimate or CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate.

A warehouse can determine where the products from it can be shipped. So, you could:

  1. Create a warehouse called “Large and heavy products”.
  2. Configure it to ship only to your local area.
  3. Set the quantity of large and heavy items not in the global quantity field, but for that warehouse.

You may have to change some of your processes for that (for example, it may affect how you do import, because you’d need a separate quantity column for that warehouse), but the way is there.

You can limit the weight of other shipping methods and create a seperate shipping method for these items with a specific weight e.g. 100000.02 to 100000.06 and make those items 100000.04 (I use this method, note the weight tolarance in cs-cart is .02 hence the weights chosen in this example).

You could of course just have a high weight without the narrow definition I use, I do it in my case to allow me to configure a ‘special’ shipping method for other vendors.


This does sound like a cheaper and easier way to do it. Thank you for a great tip!

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Thanks - sounds like it works; I’ll just have to go over it a few more times to understand what is happening!

Here’s roughly what I take from this. 1) I already have 50 & 70 pound limits on all my UPS & USPS methods, 2) On the “unshippable” items, change their weight to 100000.04, 3) create a new method such as “oversize item - in-store pickup” and make its limits 100000.02 to 100000.06.

Do I have that right? I’ll go test now!

Soz Chuck, I been catching zzz’s!

Yep you got it, but you probably know that by now! You could of course use different weight ranges, but using something high and narrow limits the likelihood of needing it for anything else.

this works well, can prevent certain shippings (or all) on a per product baiss