Limit on the total number of orders per day

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Is there an existing add-on that basically limits the total number of orders per day per vendor? For example if a baker has multiple products but wants the total number of orders to be 10 per day.

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There are a few booking add-ons on the marketplace that could be used for this purpose, e.g. set up the product to have X number of bookings, which in your case is the number of X (e.g. chocolate cakes) available on any given day.

I presume you have considered mannualy updating the stock-level day to day using the existing functionality, I mention it just for completeness.

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Yes we did consider this, but we want the limit to be set at a vendor level not at a product level. Are you aware of such addons?

No, I am not aware of anything.

Per my previous message a booking add-on would work for your scenario, has one I have used, though I am on version 1 and that has some problems, the support was ok, price started off ok but now a little high I thought and I shelved it, so I guess that is a hesitant recommendation.

You could send a request to @ecomlabs to quote you for a custom one to be developed. I hear great things about them.

If asking for a custom job you need to think how do you want it to work, e.g. will the products/vendor be displayed at all once reaches max_orders? Do you want to be able to set the number of orders per plan or hard_code it?

I did a rough outline of a add-on and then asked chatgPT to flesh it out. It is supposed to add a field to vendor plans called max_orders. Before the product is added to the cart the add_on checks how many orders the vendor has had for the day if it is >= max orders it displays a message saying the vendor is sold out and doesn’t add the product to the cart.

I have no idea how good the code is, but if you have any ability you could run with it (see the cs_cart add-on documentation) .

[EDIT: Code deleted … it had a number of things wrong with it]

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