Limit for options in a pull down menu?

I have never seen this before but I am having problems when trying to add new options to my color choice pull down menu. I get the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /home/fastdeca/public_html/shop/var/compiled/admin/%%E4^E42^E4252AD1%%mainbox.tpl.php on line 56I did have CS make one mod to my pull down menu where customers can’t select certain options. But that was done long ago and I haven’t had any problems before.

For an example you can go to the link below and see option 2.


I can’t add any more color options to that option group without getting the error. It’s like there is a limit to how many options can be in that field

Any ideas?

You have an addon installed that is not returning correctly from a POST. Can’t tell you which one, but that’s what I’ve seen that causes that.