Lightbox for any Images


I’m wondering how I can call the built in lightbox functionality for images besides images on the product pages? For example, images I insert into pages and want to be able to enlarge?

Anyone know how?



bump, nobody has needed to do this? Cmon, somebody help a brother out.

I would love to see this feature too. I already have lightbox working for my product details, but it would be nice to just make it for all images.


I went ahead and hooked up FancyZoom for non-product images. It’s pretty small (8kb), works with jQuery and is easy to implement. I’d be happy to share how I hooked it up for those interested.

Anyone else have a solution?

  • Jonah

It’s possible.

Commonly, the lightbox script is included in every page(header) and then you add the lightbox.css files to your site.

Then when you want to activate lightbox for ANY image, you give it the class=“lightbox”.

Now, this isnt going to work out of the box, it would require editing some files and uploading new ones.

But if you visit lightbox sites, this is basically what they tell you.

Anything is possible, agreed.

Yes I understand the lightbox script is included in every page - all the more reason it would be nice to be able to use it for any images instead of using another script like I ended up doing.

I actually submitted this question to support and they informed me it would require custom modificaitons to some of the PHP…

For now I’m not going to worry about it much more because I’ve found a solution that works pretty good for now it just requires calling another script and adding to my already large page size. But, I would be thrilled if somebody can come up with a solution for this that doesn’t require a separate script.