License Problem Please Help

I had purchased the cs-cart full license since 6 years in 2009 and paid $265.that was since version 2.X.X while they had upgrade policy for $65 a year. for newer version.

This Policy changed since these years passed. and they then sold the cs-cart for the same price for life time with upgrade. and while all this period I had used the card with full access and full upgrade with no problem at all until version 4.1.

after the change of the the cs-card policy again they are asking me to the older version again 2.x.x ? or pay for use???

I need help in this issue. otherwise to remove restictions on my license or give me my money back.

I am posting here to

just to take usere openions about that and to get noticed


a correction I checked my license and my purcahse It's a life time licenseā€¦

It was a life time licsnse and if you want upgrade pay $65 a years.

Then they changed this to life time and all upgrades included.

I was using my license while this period with full upgrade.

Now after thet changed to the use of one year. They are asking for money

I need assistance from one of the support now if any?


You need to contact helpdesk. The community forum can't really help you with license specific questions/issues.