License Key Management

EZ Merchant Solutions has a new addon for managing license keys and license agreements for your software, art work or other licensed products.

Emails are sent to clients that purchase products that require license keys. Key providers can be specified by product or by category. One email is sent to customers for each key provider related to the products in the cart.

License agreements can be attached, embedded or linked in email. A sample email template is provided for your use and/or modification. Comments in the template specify what template variables are available and the sample demonstrates how to use them. We can also provide customization of email templates for you at an additional charge.

License keys can be imported and their status managed. You can view reports of key usage and see what order and what product each used key is associated with. Hence you can easily lookup what order a particular key was related to.

Key information is also shown in the admin view of the order.details page. Customers do not see the license keys in their invoices.

Detailed description and screenshots are in the documentation listed below.

Documentation can be seen at this link.

The product detail page is here.

The Marketplace link is here but need to wait for cs-cart to activate.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

A couple of screenshots are below.

This plugin looks great, my only concern is variants. It seems the provider has to be configured from the addons / plugins tab but that tab doesnt exist for product variants so i suppose i cant sell different licenses through variants with this plugin?

No, variants are not supported in the standard product. It is designed around 'products'.

We could extend it for you as a customization to include variants. But do note that it would be a significant change to do it properly.

Installed, but didn't work properly. Order paid, but key is unused and didn't send

The issue was address on your site day before yesterday and you were notified in email. A new version with the change for MVE was released yesterday.

All works perfect! something was wrong