Hi evryone

I have had a full licence for the pro edition one for the last 3 years, and yesterday it started popping up with a massage that my 30 day trail had expired and i needed to buy a valid licence. I haven’t made any changes or anything, i cleared the catch ever followed some steps that i found on this forum and contacted the support team (but as always there were not much help, or was unwilling to do any thing about it), has any one have any idea? I know my extended update support has expired 2 days ago but that should not have any thing to do with it as it’s only for updates and has no effect on a full licence failed period.


Hello, projectmyst!

We are sorry to hear that you experience such a problem.

As far as I can see, our engineers answered you in more detail, please check your Help Desk account.

The information that they supplayed wasn't much help. I was forced to pay for the extended updates for the message to disappear witch in my opinion is out of order. The extended updates is only there if one wants to keep there software up to date and should not have any affect on a full license but it dose, when my extended update run out it changed my licence from a full one to an expired 30 days trail and it didn't go away in till i paid for the extended updates.

Hello projectmyst,

My name is Pavel Zyukin, I am the head of the technical support department at CS-Cart. Please let me say that I am really sorry to hear you faced this problem.

I have checked your communication with our technical support engineer regarding this problem properly and noticed that we did not advise you to purchase an upgrade subscription. So I am a little confused what exactly forced you to purchase it. Could you clarify where you saw that it is required to purchase an upgrade subscription plan to resolve the problem you experienced? Or maybe someone told that to you. Any details are appreciated.

In fact, this problem is never resolved by purchasing an upgrade subscription plan and we never ask our clients to purchase it when the problem occurs. I believe that it was resolved for you by following instructions in the article of our Knowledge base ( CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation ) which was suggested by our technical support engineer to you and by clearing the cache of your browser. Anyway, I am glad to hear that this issue does not occur in your store anymore.

Also please let me know if you do not need the purchased upgrade subscription. If so, I would like to ask you to continue our communication in the appropriate Help Desk ticket. We will discuss it there and see what we can do for you regarding this matter.

I hope your opinion on our services will change in the future and we will manage to sort out all your issues together soon.

Thank you.