Licence and Rules

Hi all

I have a licence and a website. 2.0.10

I am developing a new website 2.0.14 and this is on a new domain.

My question is…can I submit my site to google and have the store front closed?

I am going to close the original site in a week or two and would like google to start indexing etc the new site/domain prior to launch/opening store front!

I will at NO time have both store front open.

Is this with in the rules?

In addition, what is the BEST way to redirect traffic from the old site/domain to the new site/domain?

Thanks in advance :stuck_out_tongue:

No, this will not be a good idea. Google will be able to detect differences between navigational logic in real website and sitemaps. In fact, it might punish you for trying to deceive (if your store remains closed for some time).